• 2017 Anniversary sale

    January 2017

    As Lightertainment goes in to it's 10th year of professional sequencing I would like to extend a special deal to all of those who love decorating as much as I do.
    Any sequences arranged and purchased during the month of January 2017 will be discounted 15%.
    Following that, the sale will continue through February at a rate of 10% off

    Plus every 10th sequence will be FREE during these two months!!

  • Closing out an amazing 2016

    December 31 2016

    2016 has been a record year for Lightertainment.
    I spent the year sequencing for some of out long time clients, animating singing faces, bringing RGB mega trees to full color life, helping new decorators get thier feet under them, lighting up a private school in California, and bringing 1.5 million lights to life for a full blown Halloween drive-through display.
    This year 114 unique sequences were created for friends, families, and businesses. Four of these sequences went on to win display contests! Thanks to all of you for trusting Lightertainment with your sequencing needs.

  • 2016 Pre-season sale

    May, 2016

    After closing out 2015 with great success, many of our long time clients were ready to go as soon as the New Year's ball dropped.
    However, I am offering my (usual) summer sale a bit early this year. Starting June 1st and running for the month of June, I will be offering 15% off all sequences and anyone who wants 10 or more will get an additional 5% off of thier entire set of sequences.
    Contact me right away and lets get started creating a dazzling show for you this year.

  • All wrapped up

    December 2015

    Now that the 2015 Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, decorating, caroling, gift wrapping, Santa Claus, family, binge eating, gift opening, and holiday season has come to a close. I'm taking a moment to catch my breath and be thankful for all of the things that I have and for all of you who trusted Lightertainment with your sequencing and decorating needs.
    I had another amazing year and met a lot of new people and made several new friends throughout the last few months and were lucky enough to have some of our sequences win awards for best in show in neighborhoods around the country.
    I can only hope that 2016 will be as successful

  • 2015 Summer Sale

    July, 2015

    Coming off of a successful 2014 season, Lightertainment is proud to announce it's 2015 summer sale!
    Save 20% and get started for only $20 per song deposit.
    Your order must be requested and deposit made by August 10, 2015.

  • Spring into Christmas music

    March, 2015

    As the weather warms up for most folks, here at Lightertainment I am working on several new effects and polishing up my Xlights/Nutcracker sequencing skills, trying out new lighting effects for mega trees and arches, and enjoying some Christmas music.         Of course, I am always creating new sequences for our clients and providing consulting services for those looking for new ideas and starting up brand new displays.

  • Merry Christmas

    December, 2014

    We would like to thanks all our family, friends, fellow decorators, and clients for including Lightertainment in your 2014 Christmas and holiday seasons and for being part of our most successful year to date !!
    We wish all of you a very happy and prosperous 2015.

  • 2014 Summer Sale

    July, 2014

    As we head in to a busy 2014 Christmas and sequencing season, don't forget to contact Lightertainment and include us in your show and display. Lightertainment has over 5 years of professional sequencing experience and for 2014 has maintained all of it's delivery dates. We would love the chance to be part of your show too. Contact us on how to get started.

  • Lightertainment Turns 5

    January, 2013

    Lightertainment celebrated its 5 year anniversary last month providing custom light sequencing. We have created award winning sequences ranging from local neighborhood contests to the Light-o-Rama international display contest. Since 2008 we have created more than 200 sequences for dozens of clients including commercial and residential displays across the US and in 3 countries. We have participated in educating others on the methods for creating sequencing effects and are constantly updating our techniques for sequencing with the newest technologies. We look forward to creating your light sequences in 2013. Lightertainment continues to be one of the most econonimcal choices in custom sequencing around.