•   About Lightertainment

    Lightertainment began as a personal hobby in decorating my own yard for Halloween and Christmas in 2006 with a modest display. In 2008, I offered assistance to a few who who were behind in their sequencing. From there, thing really took off in a positive direction

    Over the last nine years I have created over a thousand sequences for many different individuals and companies. There have been struggles, but from that came the direction and strength to hone my sequencing and business skills. I have taught many others various tips and tricks to creating seamless sequences. I try to keep abreast of all the latest decorating and lighting options, but there is always something new coming out that just fascinates.

    As Lightertainment goes in to its tenth year, I look forward to having another successful year and create many more sequences.

    While creating sequences for other takes a certain amount of passion for the hobby, I still very much enjoy putting up my own lights and display for my own family to enjoy.