• Professional Sequencing at affordable rates

    Custom sequencing is currently available for those using the Light-o-rama version 3 software suite.
    Each sequence is custom crafted to fit the lights of the customer. Costs vary depending on the number of channels being used and the length of the song.

    2017 Rates:

     # of Channels   Price per second of music
    1-48 channels         $0.50
    49-80 channels         $0.60
    81-96 channels         $0.75
    97-128 channels         $0.90
    129-160 channels         $1.10
    161-196 channels         $1.25
    197+ channels     email for a quote
      (Rates are subject to change)
    In most cases a 50 node RGB strip (like a CCR) will count as 16 channels

    Larger RGB props such as pixel trees and matrixes will be priced accordingly outside of the regular LOR pricing

    ** Discounts are available for off season purchase, multiple sequences, and returning customers

    What is required of the customer ?
    1. Your own copy of the current LOR software
    2. Already have your light setup/layout planned
    3. Have the layout setup in the LOR software

    This LOR setup would include:
    Naming each channel down the left side of the sequencing software and having the LOR visualizer screen setup to reflect the physical layout of your lights. Creating this setup and exporting it to your computer generates a file with a name such as 'yourlights.lcc'.

    What do we need from you?
    1. A copy of your Light-o-Rama .lcc and .lee configuration file
    2. A copy of the music of your choice (mp3 or wav file)
    3. Paypal payment for the appropriate amount

    Check out a sample of some past sequencing...

    any questions contact me at info (at) Lightertainment.com